Food in Alaska








Eating in Alaska proved to be an adventure all its own! Anchorage’s City Diner offered eggs, French toast and reindeer sausage, so we decided to bite! Hearty breakfasts, actually all meals, came with hefty price tags, so we tried starting our first morning in Anchorage with a stop at the City Diner. Great service and food to match! Our server gave us suggestions about the locals’ favorites and we took her advice.









True to the sign that welcomed us onto the Homer Spit, the halibut dinners, served with fries and cole slaw really are the town’s calling card. Walk-away restaurants remind travelers of UK pubs’  fish and chips. Although I was not adventurous enough to try fish on my pizza, the Moose’s Tooth in Anchorage had other great pizza combos. We waited at this popular spot for about two hours, but had a great conversation with newlyweds serving in the military.











Two Sisters Bakery scored well enough for us to have breakfast there both mornings we stayed in Homer. Those sisters can bake! Besides the back porch allowed us to watch children play in the yard while their moms visited over delicious mango muffins.  Dave indulged in beverages as a double-fisted coffee drinker!










As Dave planned out trip, we took restaurant  suggestions from Lisa, our tour planner with Explore Tours, others who had visited Alaska before us. However, we all chose some places based on where we were when we got hungry and the look of local establishments!  On our trip south to Homer, we stopped in Girdwood and took the tram to the skiing area of Aleyeskya. Continuing south, we stopped for lunch at the Summit Lake Lodge. The fresh strawberry lemonade was amazing!  Another very different lunch stop took us to the hippie retro Cosmic Kitchen in Palmer. The 52-degree day spoke “soup” to me.  A customer sitting at an outside told me I should be glad I wasn’t there for the sleet they had experienced the previous week! I’ll try to continue our culinary adventures next time.

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