Yurts and Roadhouses: Variety in Alaskan Cuisine









Taking our adventurous palate with us to Alaska, we tried local places in each town. Sadly, we ate here in Juneau at the end of our trip; I could have used the helpful chart on the right much earlier in our travels. Lesson to self: seek direction sooner rather than later!









After a day out on the water spotting humpback whales in the act of bubble feeding, and seeing several orcas, we feasted at a salmon bake outside the capital city on the banks of this rushing stream. The night chill settled in, so we happily began our meal with  hot cider, but salmon was truly king that night. An Annapolis friend had told me how much I’d love the difference from salmon caught on the east coast. Delicious, especially when cooked on large outside grates over coals!










Wanting to taste authentic local cuisine, Bill and Dave located the Loose Moose Cafe in Anchorage. The buffalo burger struck my taste buds, but Dave took a greater interest in the jalapeno signature burger!

















From the roadhouses in Talkeetna and other towns to the fabulous yurt restaurant in Palmer that offered five-star dining, we got a true taste of Alaska.  If you head to Alaska, make sure and ask us for a suggested list of unique, authentic Alaskan eateries!














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