Known in the Stillness

Some days I don’t have a great deal of energy, either physically or emotionally. God meets me in various ways on such days. I am learning to treasure the days He meets me in the stillness. That’s a real turnaround for an extravert who’s always loved people and lots of action. Slowly, and with great patience, the Grace-King holds my heart  and  leads me to know more about His presence as found in stillness, light, and shadow.

“Be still and know that I am God,” an easily memorized verse, continues to season over time as I ask, especially in the more difficult times, to know more of God Himself, to experience His presence in frustration and failure. Always faithful, He clarifies the shadows as I look in His direction.

As I walked outside this afternoon with Bible verses and music lyrics running through my mind and camera in hand, I simply took the pictures above and then, found myself lifting my camera to the heavens. In the stillness, feelings dissipated and the truths I KNOW about God clarified in the stillness. Turning westward, the sun broke through the trees, the Lover of my Soul spoke in that still small voice: “You are my beloved; always know that I will meet you. Rest in me alone.

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