Culinary Delights with a Toddler

Are you all cooking in the kitchen this week as you prepare for Thursday’s feast and time of giving thanks? My husband and I traveled to Hawaii to spend this all-time-favorite holiday with our younger son, his wife and their two children. Since Kelsey turned two in August, she and Grandma tackled two holiday recipes that have been part of our family for many years. Two days ago we started our holiday baking, warming up the kitchen by having a hearty breakfast. Behold the ice cream pancakes we ate. Make a pancake, roll it like a tortilla, stand it up in an ice cream cone, and drizzle with syrup. Instant success and the syrup is caught up in the cone, at least limiting the mess!

With a hearty, but perhaps not too nutritious breakfast under her belt, we toured Mommy’s recipe box in search of the family’s Vermont Maple Cookie recipe. A soft cookie that includes a cup of sour cream, gets topped off with a dollop of maple frosting.

Can you tell Happy Face loved the beaters? Of course! Still the real joy comes in the memory, even more than the food. Once I’m back home, thousands of miles from this bubbly toddler, these photos will make my heart sing as I thank the Lord for the experience we had together.

Good to the very last lick! Even Zeus, the wonder dog got to lick the cook’s feet!

Things went so well with the Vermont Maple Cookies that we decided to make Daddy’s favorite today: Pumpkin Cake. Since this recipe calls for the fine art of cracking eggs, my little pastry chef had to get into her serious culinary apparel.

All serious chefs sample taste as they work. The wise grandparents dress the associate cook in orange when making a pumpkin recipe. As you can see, Rachel Ray had better watch her ratings. Here comes Kelsey’s Kitchen!

Happy Thanksgiving from Kelsey’s Kitchen. Catch you on the Food Network real soon.


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