Recycling Toys for Toddlers

A friend of ours has four children; when they receive a plethora of gifts, she watches to see how many toys receive play time and which ones simply take up space in closets and every other room in the house! She then allows the children to choose which of their excess toys (more than five counts as “excess”) they wish to give away to others.

While I applaud my friend’s plan, I also appreciate the creative things our daughters-in-love do with empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls. Besides the bowling pins they can create with painted toilet paper rolls, there’s quite a menagerie to be constructed.

Behold the bumble bee siting on the kitchen table! After her slick yellow and black stripes dry,  her flowered antennae give her a decidedly feminine appeal.

The white-spotted red butterfly shows an adaptation of the bumble bee theme. Add wings of construction paper, a few dabs more of paint, and those pretty pink antennae, and what toddler wouldn’t want to take this butterfly for a flight through the house?

Want versatility? This fluffy animal has been cited as a dog, a lamb and a polar bear, depending on the animal desired for play on any given day. A few cotton balls, LOTS of glue, and an adorable face make for an entertained toddler!

Behold the moose or reindeer, this grandma’s personal favorite! After creating eyes and a nose,  glue a cutout of the child’s footprint onto the toilet paper roll. Trace both hands and swap right and left for antlers. Minimal mess, instant new toys, and time with Mommy. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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