Thanksgiving in Hawaii

On Thanksgiving Day one of the naval communities here in Hawaii begins the day with the Turkey Trot, a 5 K race through the neighborhood. Baby Tyler smiled his approval of the festivities and his new turkey bib.

Three members of the Wolfe family donned their official Turkey Trot tee shirts in preparation for the first race, a contest for  those age five and under.

With her official number pinned in place, Kelsey followed her Mommy’s instructions to stretch out…

and then do toe touches before beginning the keiko (Hawaiian for children) race.

Daddy pushed Baby Tyler and Kelsey ran with real flair!

Even Zeus, the family dog, got to run in before settling down for the holiday feast scheduled for later that afternoon.

Don’t let the outfit of the lead runner fool you as he sets the pace for the adult 5 K. This turkey is a serious marathoner!

Returning to the house at a more relaxed pace, Kelsey met her little neighborhood buddy and the two finished together.

Thankful for family and friends? Absolutely! Little children still lead us in praise and thanksgiving.

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