Winter Wonderland


After his busy December days, Casual Santa relaxed on the 25th with Mrs. Claus and the tiny tree. The quiet and snow made for a relaxing day together, but snow shoveling was definitely in Santa’s future.


When the Wolfes returned to Winding Ridge on December 23, some snow awaited, but the sun poked its head through too.


“All is calm; all is bright” seemed an apt description for the coming of Christmas.


As with life, things can  change very quickly here in the Maryland mountains.


Our neighbor plowed our drive, so six of us ate turkey dinner at our Thursday night neighborhood dinner.


By Saturday morning we were under a winter storm warning promising us another 6-10 inches, so I was definitely not on the porch while I proof read the final chapter of our younger son’s dissertation.


As the softly falling flakes mount up outside, I’ll just relax and enjoy this winter wonderland. It seems like a good opportunity to contemplate the words on a Christmas gift Santa Wolfe gave me this year.


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