Wintery Weekend in the Maryland Mountains


Swallow Falls State Park,  located outside Oakland, Maryland, felt the brunt of October’s Super Storm Sandy, like the rest of Garrett County. Now that winter has come, access to the lowest part of Muddy Creek Falls remains impassable because of splintered trees.Yet on Saturday, the falls sent an avalanche of water over the brink despite the cold weather.


By taking these steps, visitors to the park used to be able to walk to the bottom of the falls. A few summers ago, Dave and I even swam under the falls at the bottom of the photo. God’s creation truly showed His handiwork.


In the midst of shattered pine and cedar limbs, the afternoon sun broke through with the call to clear the debris and rebuild. So many here, and most recently in Mississippi, need to find the courage and hope they will need to rise to the upcoming challenges. Once again, the Lord teaches His principles through His creation, as well as destruction.


Dave and I were happy to share this wintery weekend with newlyweds, Jason and Ashley. Thanks for spending time with us and attending worship with us on Sunday. May the Lord bless your marriage!

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