Teddy Bear Museum


Before we entered the actual Teddy Bear Museum in Honolulu, Kelsey’s heart was captured by this happy bear. She hugged him and then expected him to carry on a conversation. Unlike Build-a-Bear stores, although one can certainly purchase bears and outfits for them, this is a two-floor museum dedicated to the history of toy bears. And yes, teddy bears date back before the time of Teddy Roosevelt. Stories from Germany, the UK and the US all make claims to have developed the toy bear, but this particular museum in Hawaii tells the tale from the UK, where a seamstress making pin cushions began adding animal shapes. Voila! The bear became her most popular design.

DSC_0019When tired of romping through the 20,200 square feet of museum, just sit down on the big polar bear and rest for a minute.

Grandma and Grandpa Wolfe posed behind Mr. and Mrs. Bear for a fun photo. Large bears are not the only attraction at Teddy Bear World. On the second floor visitors find 800 handmade animatronic bears present a variety of themes, including this Elvis display. Kelsey stood there captivated by these moving, singing bears.

DSC_0035Dinosaur Park gave three generations of Wolfes the opportunity to play, but not until Bryan showed Tyler  the “dinos” up close and personal.IMG_3103


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