Diversity at its Best


“Oh, Lord, our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! ” I  think Kelsey got the idea of praising God for His wonders one day in January. As Dave and I babysat the Hawaiian “grands,” we decided to let Kelsey roam through Moanalua Gardens in Honolulu. On this slate-smooth enormous piece of tree, we spread out our picnic lunch and just spent time appreciating the diversity God created in this one garden spot.


Although we don’t know the name of this redheaded specimen, he looks like a member of the cardinal family.


This bird, also unknown to us, caught our eye for its large eyes and blue-gray to brown to black coloring.

DSC_0379The crumbs from our sandwiches quickly attracted the doves, even though Kelsey had already shed her shoes and was running from tree to tree in this expansive park.

DSC_0410Having Kelsey in this photo gives some perspective on the size of these trees!

DSC_0411The roots from these trees will eventually touch the ground and take root in God’s self-propagating way!

DSC_0396The entrance to this building, still within the gardens, had spectacular bamboo-like rushes that might have hidden baby Moses had they been in the Nile. However, here, they shaded the koi pond.

DSC_0402DSC_0401Kelsey clapped her hands in delight over these large koi with their variegated colors.



Although both photos above are ginger plants, look at the variation in shape and color.

IMG_3072The children showed signs of needing afternoon naps, so we headed to the parking lot and saw the entire fence covered in bougainvillea. On the same branches we pointed out red, orange and pink blossoms, and I think  Kelsey wanted to take a sniff of each grouping of flowers. Maybe we all should take the time to take in some of the amazing diversity God has placed in our world.

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