Surprising a Three-Year-Old


Taylor Faith’s nursery school allowed Becky and Brent to have Taylor Faith’s birthday party during the last half hour of class on Friday. Big sister, Austyn Grace, got out of school long enough to get the balloons and come with Daddy as part of the surprise.


Becky made and decorated the Ariel cake; she then surrounded the mermaid with toys the girls can use this summer at the beach.

Austyn Grace seemed to approve of the arrangement as we awaited the return of the three-year-old class from playtime in another room.


Unsuspecting, Taylor Faith was not even the first one through the door. When a party surprises the young guest of honor, she may seem overwhelmed initially, but she quickly gets the idea that this is a gathering of her little friends and teachers.


The sisters, along with  the others, ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches made on fish-shaped bread (Thank you, Pepperidge Farms)



But Taylor Faith and Ariel know the best part of the meal comes in the form of Cheetos and blue colored water — from the ocean, of course!

Giving Grandpa just a look from those big brown eyes (and pb&j and cake-smeared face) would melt anyone’s heart.


Daddy holds the bagged balloons and Mommy has the left over Ariel cake as the family heads out of First Baptist Church’s nursery school.

When another Mom and her daughter stop to say “Happy Birthday,”  Miss Sarah asks what Taylor Faith wants for her birthday.

Quietly, Taylor Faith answers “A puppy.”

Miss Sarah: “Well…if you couldn’t have a puppy, what would you like for your birthday?”

Taylor Faith: “A puppy.”

I’d love to get inside that little head of hers for just an hour and see/hear the wheels turning!


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