Shrees and Hamrocks

IMG_3318When I asked Taylor Faith about the green thing on her birthday shirt, she immediately said, “It’s s shree.”

“Well,” said grandma,”it’s actually a shamrock.”

“A hamrock?” questioned the wee three-year-old with the big brown eyes and pixie-dust spirit.


She then turned her head to giggle and give me a picture of her ponytail.

So I told her and her sister a few facts about St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, and how this missionary used the shamrock to help explain the trinity to a land of people who lived in fear under the druids in the 400’s. Many in Ireland came to know Jesus because of Patrick’s preaching.


Soon, talk of St. Patrick lost out to a Bible purse of stickers…

IMG_3321 a spinning, light-up Cinderella…


and a big girl bike!

We all thanked the Lord for His gift to us three years ago today when Taylor Faith arrived at 9:06 am. Ever since that day we have had our own little “hamrock” and love her dearly.


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