Appreciating as We Go

As we came to Hawaii, I decided to try to continue  thinking and living like Corrie ten Boom had spent her day with Joni Eareckson Tada. My prayer became, “Lord, let me savor these days with family.”

Dishes and laundry will get done hundreds of times over the years; these experiences with our “grands,” Kelsey and Tyler, come and dissipate faster than the morning clouds on the Kaneohe side of the island of Oahu.


After his dinner last night, Tyler still seemed unhappy, so we gave him a large piece of celery to practice feeding himself. Such a simple act; yet I sat there watching his sheer delight as he played and gnawed. The dirty dishes sat while we watched Tyler explore celery.IMG_3513

When we travel to and from the pool here in the Navy community, Tyler travels strapped in his stroller; I sit in my wheelchair and place my feet in the back of Tyler’s stroller; Kelsey climbs onto my lap; Dave pushes this strange looking train through McGrew Loop. With Tyler’s floating lady bug, Kelsey’s floating paddles, beach towels, snacks, water and baby bottles, we create a conveyance most neighbors readily recognize as we move through our three-block journey.

Kelsey, like most two-year-olds, notices enough things to make the five-minute walk take 20 minutes. Every time we pass the houses where folks are trying their hands at pineapple growing (18 months+ to get a ripe pineapple), Kelsey delightedly says, “Pineapples, Grandma. May I take a picture?” So our train halted yesterday and she took several photos, explaining to me that her family has raised three pineapples while living here.


This afternoon we met Bryan at Trinity Christian, had lunch together and then left Kelsey with her Daddy for the afternoon while Dave and I took Tyler for a leisurely drive to the North Shore. Doesn’t the name “Chinaman’s Hat” aptly describe this formation? With no particular timetable, we simply stopped to take in whatever captured our fancy, whether for its beauty, diversity or Tyler’s cry!


We made another stop to marvel at the vibrant colors in the flowers as well as the structure of the tree roots in the left background, and the variation of the palms and pines on the North Shore.


The purple bushes, as full and as vivid as the corals, spoke to me of God’s endless paintbrush.

Once in Haliewa, we decided to stop for shave ice at our favorite little truck gourmet, let Tyler have some out-of-the-carseat time, and a diaper change. Before heading back to Aiea, Dave engaged in a little head butt with Tyler.


 I want to keep remembering Corrie ten Boom’s “one thing at a time” mindset. How about you?

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