One Thing at a Time

Last Wednesday, as Dave and I scurried around to pack for a four-week trip to Hawaii, I picked up a Joni Eareckson Tada devotional page Linda Fike, a Bible study friend,  had passed on to me. The article described a day Joni had spent with Corrie ten Boom many years ago. The point of the devotional highlighted a day centered on the fact that the two saints savored each thing they did one at a time. They didn’t have tea and pray. They did each thing separately.

Hmmm, when the Lord sends things like that my way, they arrive with my name stamped on them in BOLD. So as I got into the car to run numerous errands, I decided to take my camera and stop to take a pictures as I savored each delight the Lord placed in my path.

First example: This horse lives on a small estate just about a mile from our cabin. He virtually never stands right by the fence, at least until that day. Stepping on the brake, I pulled off to the side of Sam Friend Road and snapped a photo of the horse as he nodded his approval to me. What a beauty!


Returning home. driving back down Bearfoot Road, I stopped at my neighbor Kyle’s house just to take in his forsythia bushes. I was not texting, checking my to do list on my phone or even mentally, or even listening to the radio.  Watching the branches undulating in the April breeze, I simply breathed in the moment. After a winter of 210 inches of snow, I appreciated spring’s colors, especially when I was doing nothing else at the time.


My discovery of the day? Despite my having a long list on my iphone, I was not feeling panic or a sense of overwhelming tiredness. Instead, by choosing to do things one at a time, taking a few moments to document things I pass repeatedly, and thanking  God for each treasure He opened, He eased my day, released tensions, drew me to Himself.


That afternoon I even took the time to walk to the front yard and pick some of our blooming refulgent daffodils. Since we’d leave on Wednesday, we had only one day for these glorious flowers to grace our dining room table, so why take the time to cut and display them?

God was demonstrating His pace, His glory. The time spent, cutting, smelling, and simply marveling at these pinkish daffodils enriched my day, slowed me down and reminded me of yet another reason to take one thing at a time. When your list of errands, responsibilities and pressures threaten to  undo you, take a bit of Corrie ten Boom’s advice and do things one at a time. Allow the Lord to fill your space rather than treadmilling the  multi-tasking path too many of us follow every day.

4 thoughts on “One Thing at a Time

  1. I will sing of the glories of the Lord forever….that came to mind reading your posts. Have a wonderful trip, Flo. Aloha..xoxo


    • Flo, What poetry your words are …..I love to see the pictures and read the words from your heart. What base are you on? McGrew Loop is very familiar…or, hmmm, could it be that I have asked this question of you,before? Oh,dear….I guess I am forgetful. Enjoy your treasures on the beautiful island of Oahu…….as mentioned, before…I think of the precious moments that I had while living on that island 43 years ago. Love and hugs, Cathy


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