Savoring the Sunset


While Mommy stayed at home studying for her upcoming boards, Kelsey, Tyler, Zeus, Daddy, grandpa and grandma headed to Hickham Air Force Base. Kelsey found a tiny shell as her treasure and brought it to our picnic table.


Seated at the picnic table, I simply picked up my camera every 90 seconds for about four minutes and took a series of shots, all the while praying my thanks and adoration to the Master Artist who mixed swirling combination from his palette onto his expansive canvas.


The clouds, as they float across various paths, play a role in the sky as they do in my life. Shadows encroach on my plans for my day; that thinking, however common, is incorrect. The world was not created for my glory but for His. Whenever I want center stage, I may encounter initial delight and pride, but failure and heartache soon follow. The reason, though many will disagree, comes from the underpinning of my view of life. I embrace the first four words of Genesis and others do not. “In the beginning, God,” means everything is about Him, His order, His sustaining power, His glory. He, not mankind, is the central figure of all.


Look for the sun; He peaks through when things seem darkest.


I’m finding rewards in my slowing down to appreciate all the Lord gives each day. Into my lens’ finder wandered little Miss Kelsey.


Following her came grandpa with Zeus.


Bryan finished his call to the mainland and brought Tyler over so I could take two more pictures to capture the reverie of the evening. The last rays of sun played off Kelsey’s hair, and Tyler sent me his shy smile.


And when Kelsey got chilly after the sun went down, she put on her cover-up and told me she loved picnics. We had spent a glorious evening together, reflecting on the glory and goodness of God.


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