Capture the Quiet

Do you listen to the news 24/7?  Do you sometimes think of yourself as a news junkie? Does that much new information surface, or do you realize there’s a  recycling litany droning on every 20 minutes? The only thing new occurs when someone can get an angle, or a merely  imaginary angle, to pump new life into the same story. Think back to the number of times you saw the OJ Simpson car chase, the Twin Towers fall,  or, more recently, the Boston bomber!

My point is simply that I have to purpose to capture quiet because the world’s cacophony plays through my ears into my mind and heart. Thus, part of my recent quest for listening and observing more of God’s big news stories has meant standing still, watching and listening.


For a seven-month old, the tactile world takes full concentration. I stood amazed by Tyler’s focus and asked myself when I had last allowed God’s Word to hold my rapt attention like this. When the flash of my camera went off, the baby never raised his little strawberry blond head. His intent lay with the material at hand. Hmmm, thanks, Lord, for the lesson from this little guy about the way You call me to Your Word.


Yesterday Dave and I took the children for eight hours so their Mom could study for her upcoming boards. Our first stop took us to the North Shore for a two-hour lunch with friends from Deep Creek Lake. (Retired people have such luxuries as a two-hour lunch!) We talked while the children colored, ate, took pictures (Kelsey’s quite good with my camera), and listened. As we prepared to leave, Kelsey looked up and simply smiled.


Convicted about the ease with which I can grumble about a myriad of things, I confessed my often impatient attitude, and asked that I might have more of Kelsey’s usually sunny disposition. No wonder Jesus said, “And a little one shall lead them.”

But the most recent lesson about capturing the quiet came this afternoon.

With Kelsey napping upstairs in her room,  I finished making homemade potato salad and homemade macaroni/tuna salad and was just completing the kitchen clean-up. Dave had attempted to put Tyler in his crib, but that little smiler wanted to play.

Dave returned to the main floor of the house and sat in the recliner, because grandpa ‘s eight-hour day on Monday meant he wanted a nap! Within 10 minutes Tyler fell asleep sitting grandpa in the recliner.


At that moment, I realized far more than the old adage about sleeping like a baby.

My heavenly Father never sleeps nor slumbers, but He holds me in His tender loving arms if I will only lean back and truly relax in His embrace.

One thought on “Capture the Quiet

  1. Dear Flo, Reading your posts is like sitting on a breezy porch with a tall glass of iced tea – at least in my mind! God keeps showing me, too, that resting in his arms is a joy and delight.


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