Embrace the Chaos

I know, I know. I last wrote about capturing the quiet. Since then our younger son has had major eye surgery, his wife has been gone six days to the mainland to take her neurosurgery oral boards, their older child has accidentally locked herself, the baby and grandma out of the house, and the baby has had a cold.

Somehow, all that happened in five days. That  meant I should keep things real and talk about the chaos of life where God still reigns.


Dave and I both had days of  knowing exactly why we had our boys while in our late 20s, and at age 30. We also experienced barely standing up without each other’s support, and would not have survived without the truths of the Bible and the prayers of friends all over the world.

On Monday, with Stacey on the mainland, Dave and Bryan left the house at 4:30 am and headed to Tripler Hospital for Bryan’s eye surgery. I awoke before 6 and had warmed milk ready for both children, so I would only have to mount the stairs once. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” the verse of the day for me, served well as we got through breakfast and playing together. Dave’s called told me Bryan had gone back at 7:30 for a projected three-hour surgery. He came home briefly and then returned to Tripler. So far, so good.

I decided to take the children for a walk to the nearby park. Upon returning, Kelsey managed to lock us out of the house. and I had  no diaper bag or an extra bottle. The neighbors I knew were all away, and I couldn’t unlatch the side gate and move the large board that kept Zeus in the yard. Pulling the baby and stroller up the alley between houses, I tried the front door, only to find it locked too. Unfortunately, while I checked the door, I forgot the I had left Tyler unstrapped. I turned around to find him inspecting the tiny yellow flowers on the ground and pulling up grass, contented as ever.I tried Dave on my cell phone, but Bryan was just coming into the recovery area; it wasn’t a time when Dave could come home. Tears. Prayers. Tears. Bible verses. You get the picture!

A neighbor from down the street and his wife “happened” to come down the street just then, so I waved them down. God sent the Navy to my rescue! Mark hopped out of the car, easily moved the huge board I couldn’t budge and unlatched the gate. Kelsey and I came in through one lanai door and Mark drove the baby and stroller in through the other lanai entrance.  As he left, he replaced the wooden block and secured the latch. Kelsey returned to the well-used playroom; grandma made some lunch.


After short naps, the children’s reward was Daddy’s return.


Daddy got his medication and his ice, and  headed up to bed for the afternoon after a happy welcome-home hug from Kelsey.

Grandpa became the dromedary camel with one arm while delivering the Hawaiian shaka, as per his rider’s instructions.


IMG_3661 - Copy

Kelsey rewarded her brother with a sweet kiss after what grandma considered a real ordeal. My mind then flooded with verses such as “He will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is staid on Thee.” God’s sovereignty may not fill all days with peace and quiet, but He never leaves us, even in, or especially in, the days of utter chaos.

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