Beyond Sorority Sisters Part Two

Each June the DIVAS (Divinely Inspired Vivaciously Affectionate Sisterhood) meet to share real life, pray, relax, and refresh by spending a long weekend together. No, we were not sorority sisters because we all attended Houghton College, a Christian liberal arts college in western New York. The closest we got to Greek life involved taking Greek with the college president as the prof!

But since the memory book Letha produced in 2012, we have become a far-reaching prayer network from Florida to California. In 2012, the lake house decorations picked up a flip flip theme. The idea of slowing down and just enjoying one another’s company was the social goal along with updates and prayers.DSC_0018

And the beautiful waters of Lake Anna beckoned everyone to unwind.


Somehow, among all the prayer requests and praises that circulated in emails from Uganda (Some still spend time on the mission field!) to California in 2013, more and more Divas began to make comments about Downton Abbey. Seeing episodes on PBS or DVDs, the Divas thought a bit of dress-up might be fun. It is true, you know, that girls never outgrow their love of playing dress up.  As each Diva arrived, the clothing collection grew…


From our mothers’ closets to consignment shops to hand-sewn apparel, the outfits ran the gamut. All fourteen of us managed to get into the act!


DSC_0098Despite our best efforts to stage severe poses in line with the television series, the giggles often took over!



Quite the ensemble, including the grey kid gloves and the feathered hat!


From the fur to the hand-sewn driving gloves and hat, this outfit would have made anyone on the set want to get to the wardrobe department first.

And these beautiful Divas deserve roles in the upcoming season four of Downton Abbey.





We laughed ourselves silly and took advantage of many photo ops in and around the house. Somehow, the bond of Christ and the fun we had over 40 years ago — and still can have — will always be more satisfying than some of the antics that accompany the Greek life on many college campuses. This sisterhood is forever, and we mean through eternity!


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