Don’t Miss the Little Things

DSC_0020Mama turkey stays close to her four chicks as they scratch for the birdseed leftovers on the ground. Yes, the little chicks have to learn independence, but their mother stays alert to the slightest noise Dave makes when he eases out to the porch to use the camera sitting atop the tripod for such photos.

Do you believe that God watches over you and the little things in your life? A group of my college friends pray for each other regularly. Thanks to technology, emails give us easy access to each other. Sometimes one of us will not want to bother the others with something she deems insignificant. Recently, however, one of the group gently chided us for thinking anything might be too little.


Overlooked by most motorists, this purple ironweed provides little bursts of color along our country roads. Ever feel insignificant, different, unnoticed? Take heart.  Only Jesus lived the perfect life; He sacrificed Himself and then imputed or attributed His perfection to His children.


This early September cone flower (echinacea) lacks perfection but stands alone in the face of plummeting nighttime temperatures here on Winding Ridge. Ever get discouraged about whatever in you or your life seems imperfect? Relax and rest in what Christ has accomplished for you.

DSC_0038A butterfly lands on a weed. Who would notice on most days? Yet, take the time to savor the beauty, symmetry, design and purpose. I can’t see coincidence in this.

DSC_0015When I see this amazing ruby-throated hummingbird who can fly forward or straight backyard, God allows me a glimpse of His hand in the smallest things. I ask Him: “Please don’t let me miss the little things You choose to show me each day.”

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