Learning to Eat


Whenever the Wolfe Pack gathers, we need a large table to accommodate the ten of us at mealtime. We eat, listen to the grandchildren’s latest attempt to tell a joke or recite a Bible verse, display a newly made craft, and  to connect and laugh. When in Hawaii earlier this year, you can see the fun experience two of the grands had with chopsticks!


As infants, we all start on milk and anything else that comes near our mouths, even a towel at the beach! Some children will take to a pacifier while other spit out any and all varieties and shapes in favor of thumbs or combinations of fingers for sucking and comfort. The advantage of a pacifier comes when Mom and Dad decide to get rid of it. For those parents with thumb suckers, taking an appendage is not an option!

Tyler 6 Month Easter Egg Hunt

By Easter, Tyler tasted plastic eggs, and he still sampled leaves, grass, and whatever he could reach!

Recently I received a short video of this little guy, now almost one, feeding himself scrambled eggs. He got a portion into his mouth with the fork, but that left a piece of egg clinging to his chin.  When Mom encouraged him to get the last part, his other hand came up and pushed the remaining egg right into his open mouth. Mission accomplished!

Parents try to give the right amount of food to their kids at regular eating times. Even the deer that appreciate my husband’s mineral block, lick away as the wildlife cam snaps a photo of them at breakfast.


While the Israelites wandered through the wilderness for 40 years, God provided food for them. The dew fell at night and manna fell with it. The book of Exodus says, “When the layer of dew had lifted, there on the wilderness ground was a fine flaky something, fine as frost on the ground. The Israelites took one look and said to one another, man-humanna(What is it?). They had no idea what it was.” The Message 

Let’s think beyond physical food because learning to eat just what God provides has an application to us today, just not in literal manna.

While many people consider themselves very spiritual, they base that assumption on feelings and thoughts turned inward or on traditions they simply accepted.  They disregard seeking food provided through objective truth. The entire Bible, available in multiple languages, translations and paraphrases, offers not a book of myths, but God’s direct message to all people.

Learning to eat involves the body and the soul! Some passages from Scripture nourish or exhort; others comfort and encourage. While we seldom pass up eating, reading a bit of Bible manna takes planning, but it will satisfy. Try a daily portion to feed the soul.


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