Letter 52

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These precious faces belong to our four “grands.” The two girls on the outside are sisters, and the orange-clad duo in the center are siblings. When the oldest grand arrived in 2007, this grandma decided to write a letter on the day of her birth and then one each week for the first year of her life. Letters went to the children’s parents via email, and grandma kept copies to edit or simply reread herself.

After letter 52, an annual letter arrives via email and in print. The printed ones stack up yearly, one neatly behind the other in a matted frame. More than a family history, grandma wants to convey certain truths for life that really matter. She knows these four will grow up in a culture far different from even their childhood world.

While the Common Core curriculum, ecological crusaders, transgender advocates, sexual looseness, Molly experimenting, and many life-demeaning agendas gain an ever-increasing foothold, I want these four to realize, as Francis Schaeffer said, “Modern man has his feet firmly planted in mid air.”

This last Monday I wrote Tyler Letter 52, celebrating the Monday he arrived in Honolulu, and then 51 Mondays thereafter! I made comments about a video I had seen of him trying to feed himself, using both a fork and then finishing the task with his other hand. Good thing the eggs were scrambled so they stuck together!  The video made us laugh because you have, at times. fallen asleep without finishing your meal!


These weekly epistles chronicle the child’s benchmark achievements, share family history, update current family life for grandpa and grandma, as well as celebrate the events going on in the child’s home. However, the true reason for these letters lies in a desire to let the next Wolfe generation know what matters most to Dave and me: the Word of God, the Bible with its Gospel message drives each page I write. We pray you will grow up to love and live the words written there, Tyler.


One thought on “Letter 52

  1. This will be a lovely keepsake that will prayerfully ground them in the gospel of grace! What a treasure these letters will be someday! The gift of time and pieces of you and Dave will be so precious when they read these letters as adults! Passing on these words of faith is a wonderful lasting testimony to how important Christ is in your lives.


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