The Em-Pha-Sis Matters

DSCN0093 With great concentration, our oldest granddaughter recently checked out the fruits and vegetables at the Children’s Museum. The hands-on experiences available at such places provide as much joy for parents and grandparents as for the children. Sometimes, however, the grandparents do need to rest. Isn’t it thoughtful of the museum to have an emphasis for all age groups?


Daddy and daughter can enjoy a game of checkers with his daughter….


Future veterinarians get hands-on experiences with the toy animals…


Would-be tree climbers can get an assist from mommy….


 until they pass out from exhaustion at lunch!


 As we played and interacted at the museum, each child could wander with a parent or grandparent, seeking an emphasis that appealed to his interests, whims, desires for activity or quiet reading.

All of life has an emphasis for us, though the energy given to the pursuit varies with age and ability. As a scooter-driving grandma on such outings, I often try, as Mary did, to “ponder these things in [my] heart.”

What is to be my emphasis at this stage of life? When I visit with our grown children and their children, I exert my physical resources, thankful for my battery-driven scooter and Dave’s help in so many ways. This blog goes on a hiatus of silence, but my prayers and biblical readings/thoughts continue.

When I am home at our mountain cabin, I rest. That’s the physical emphasis, but there, “recollections in tranquility” (Wordsworth) find a voice in the blog. The emphasis matters, whether at rest or play. Why? Our sovereign God weaves Himself through every moment of life, both soaring joys and deepest sorrows. Allow Him to thread His way into your 2014.


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