A Heart Full of Love


 Early in the lives of little girls, Dads really can set the bar for their daughters’ future expectations from guys. The look on Taylor Faith’s face tells how delighted she was to receive birthday flowers from her Daddy last Friday. In keeping with the Frozen theme of her fourth birthday party, Dad even got the appropriate colors!


Mommy baked the birthday cake and then Daddy did the decorating to create Elsa’s Ice Castle, personalizing it for Taylor Faith. How important for the future man in her life to personalize things for her and to add creativity and fun to life.

DSCN0373 Dad’s making sacrifices, like a late-night trip to his office to give Olaf a bubble of words, will hopefully set the standard for Taylor Faith’s future. We hope she will learn to seek out those men who will make sacrifices for others, even when it is not convenient.

photo (2)

When 14 children prepared to have a “soft” snowball fight, southern Georgia style, Daddy set some ground rules and kept order,  not an easy task with excited party-goers.  May an involved Daddy be the measure for the kind of leadership this four-year-old will grow up looking for in her life.


 All life is not a fairy tale, but we hope Taylor Faith will grow up looking for a Kristoff rather than a Hans! Daddy is surely showing her the right traits to consider.

2 thoughts on “A Heart Full of Love

  1. Such good observations / and appropriate applications, Flo. So glad you could be there and were willing to share with all of us.


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