When Life Changes

About a year ago she sat on her retirement perch of purple, calmly taking in the four acres she and cabinman called home. Then came the call from North Carolina. Tragedy? Not at all. Life altering? Absolutely.


Son number two called, asking if Mom would consider coming out of retirement and teaching four high school English classes for the 2014-15 year. Prayers, questions, discussions… all swilled together for a week or so before she and cabinman decided to grab the adventure,  and head south.


The blog stopped, the books and red pens returned, and she, this out-of-the-classroom-for-12-years pedagogue, returned to teaching. After all, she felt as called to teach — since age 4 — as any pastor knows he’s called to preach. Graduation for the seniors occurred on May 28, so perhaps it’s time to relive the story of a year, the story of a lifetime. If teaching calls your name, please come along — for the laughs, the frustrations, the changes that have happened to education, and the insights from a teaching Phoenix who rose to fly one more year.

One thought on “When Life Changes

  1. Hope you had a great year, sounds like you did. If you are going to Connecticut this summer, let us know, we would love to see you again.


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