Getting Around

Have scooter, will teach!  In the back of the Jeep, the battery-powered scooter breaks down into component pieces. Each Monday and Friday either her husband or son assembled or disassembled this scooter. Thus the teacher could navigate the halls and elevator to the second floor where Upper School English classes met.


On Wednesday evenings, because the church used the school building for a full mid-week program, the scooter’s usual parking spot in the lobby was abandoned for her son’s office. Said son, the headmaster, had the red scooter parked in his office each Wednesday. The highlight of his week was to drive mom’s scooter back into his office once she got into his car. (Note: picture not available!)
Moment of truth for the teacher? Somewhere between “For when I am weak, then I am strong,” and “Someone is always being inconvenienced because of me.” The struggle to get into and around the school took energy from her as well as her family. Some days she dealt with her immobility graciously, mainly because of the two cute hitchhikers she motored to class with a wave of the scooter key.

  Other days she lamented the extra work she caused those she loves most. Yet they never complained, thus seasoning their service with grace. And that brought the teacher a dose of humility and gratitude.

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