Once a Teacher…

For over 35 years of my life, this season meant gearing up for school. Something about fresh folders, new pens and schedules, and learning to pronounce between 100-150 names, accelerated my heart rate into a joyous rhythm. After all, at age five I started lining up my dolls as students!
Last week two grands and I worked on pre-loaded scrapbooks that would capture them as babies. “Was I that tiny?” and “Where’s the picture of me smiling,” queried the first grader? 
“Where’s the Christmas picture of me in the little sleigh?” asked the fourth grader. She then chose the cuddle bug sticker to add her personal touch to one page. We defined completing a 2-page spread, and talked about publishing as a profession.

Just before 5, the girls excitedly put on new tennis shoes and headed off with their parents to attend Open House  and meet this year’s teachers. 

Silence descended, leaving me time to process and pray. Academics came to mind as I considered each girls’ strengths and “not yets,” the new grade after C. 

But the ache of my heart leaned into praying for the traits Paul enumerates in Colossians 3:12. 

“Put on, then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness and patience.”

So while I pray for teachers, staff, administrators, school boards, and other factors that influence everything from curriculum to bathroom and locker room policies, I lift up these five character traits Paul mentions. I will pray for one  trait each month from now until the end of 2016.

I pray  you two dear girls will display COMPASSIONATE HEARTS this month to all you meet in the halls of your school. Remember those who hurt, those who have little, and those who serve. 

3 thoughts on “Once a Teacher…

  1. They are so cute, you sure can tell who their father is. Marley starts 5 th grade on Sept. 8. Where has the time gone. We are going over to see them next week. Visited New Yorks Finger Lakes last week, loved it. Will try to send a long email soon to catch up.


  2. Austyn Grace and Taylor Faith look wide-eyed and excited about their new adventures. They certainly had a full and fabulous summer and now, new beginnings. I really appreciate Paul’s words and your prayer plan for your girls. How fitting to start with compassion and, I suspect, patience will be just right for December. They are blessed to have you on your knees in their behalf “Grandma”. Happy New Year girls! OX


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