Watching Them Grow

The first class of my kids, as I’ve always referred to my students, walked across a stage to receive high school diplomas in 1972. The class pictured above graduated in 2015, as I retired the second time from a career I loved!

Thanks to social media, I still have some contact with many of my former students. I now see photos of them as they send their offspring to college; some others post pictures of beautiful weddings of their children, or of themselves welcoming grandchildren into the family! 

Still others send emails, posts,  and notes of grief, illnesses, and loss. Not every high school dream has materialized as envisioned. While my heart rejoices over life’s happy moments and the world-wide adventures of some, my prayer list also includes many who struggle in life and faith. From a distance, I weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice (Romans 12:15), and pray for those who still have not heard Jesus’ call. 

Over the years, a few former students became teaching colleagues; others rose to take on church ministries and prestigious jobs. Still others married gravely ill people and served their spouse until death parted them. Sadly, some died so terribly young. Each story represents a life God allowed me to  touch in the classroom. What a privilege and a serious responsibility!

Whether a first grader ecstatic with all the new accoutrements of the 2016-7 year…

…or a recent grad whom Dave and I will have dinner with tomorrow night, 

I hope all parents posting those sweet, first-day-of-school pictures will take a good look at their children and treasure watching them grow.

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