Be a Learner

As of today, our three granddaughters are all back in school, but I’m not thinking about their academic endeavors. Instead, I’m meditating on the world’s call for virtually everyone to be a leader. How about all of us being learners?

My granddaughter learned some basics about scrapbooking because she listened to instructions and then added her own personal touches to the pages.
French physiologist Claude Bernard (1813-1878) wrote, “It’s what we think we know that keeps us from learning.”

Not all lead. It’s that simple.

Years ago, a colleague had a poster on his wall that offered this truth about leadership: IF NO ONE FOLLOWS YOU, YOU’RE JUST OUT FOR A WALK.

Some people lead anonymously by wearing a costume; many simply like giving orders; a few serve selflessly in stated leadership roles. St
But all can be learners! Whether gaining insights into computers, learning square dancing calls, traveling, reading, apprenticing or formal training and education, why don’t we encourage children and adults more toward learning than leading?

Mentors naturally share what they have some knowledge of to those who wish to learn. Let’s seek to make this year one with a greater emphasis on learning than on leading. The rewards go from one generation to the next!

4 thoughts on “Be a Learner

  1. Leading and following depend on movement.
    Learning and educating depend on growth.
    Sometimes movement seems more comfortable than growth. But, doesn’t growth provide greater rewards?


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