Braided Together

Love, laughter, and celebration braided together at Christmas when Brent’s entire family scratched Bella’s belly and broke into genuine, joyous laughs! This is my favorite picture from this year’s celebration.

We find other life experiences braided together also, things like pain and disappointment that get woven into our lives everyday.

What do we do with the stray strands of anger, bullying, or lying that are part of our neatly braided lives, the facade we show others? Ouch!

Now, as a mother of two boys and a woman with short hair, not to mention arthritic fingers, I rarely even attempt braids on any of my three granddaughters! Their moms, however, create amazing braids.

Grandma’s attempts are never the same. 😏

Studying the girls’ braids has made me think of all the strands God weaves into our lives. Whether neat as a pin or tendrils escaping, the Lord loves us!<<<<<<<<
earn of His grace, the more I accept the less desirable weave of stray ends. The Master Designer braids in fantastic days, moments, experiences! And we love these! But in His infinite wisdom, He points out a wisp of jealousy, pain or gossip we have swirled into our braid.

We then complain and whine; "Can't you tuck — or pluck–it away so no one will see it and I won't be bothered by it?"

He continues patiently braiding, knowing that we need to deal with all the recalcitrant strands in our life. But the Lord will never leave us struggling alone. His willingness to love us always encourages us.

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