Every Question

Sandi Patty stole my soprano’s heart from her first note! I sang along with her records and then with her performance tapes – at least until she broke crystal with her amazing range. In 2015, in Patty’s farewell tour, she took along a quintet of University of Mobile graduates called Veritas. The group, described as crossover pop, applies each man’s rich tones and harmonizing abilities to older hymns as well as original and contemporary tunes.

After praying for my courageous daughter-in-law one morning before she went for chemo, I first heard the title song from the album above. The lyrics allowed my mind and heart to soar to the sustaining truth that hope, real hope, survives and resuscitates in our darkest moments of life.

As I listen closely to Veritas’ lyrics, their words raise some chords, both raw, dissonant ones and lavish, resolved ones. I appreciate the honesty of the questions and find comfort in the truths. To be honest, I need help to shed the melancholy mood I get from the angry/sad news that crescendos in my ears daily.

As they sing about “every question you’ve been asking,” my soul cries out, “Yes.” But then they help me regain equilibrium and hope as their song reminds me that “even when He’s silent, He will not leave you.” Whatever suffering or grief we face, we can submit every question to the Father with confidence.

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