Shafts of Light

Even in the worst storms, shafts of light pierce through, even if only momentarily. I keep learning that I’d do well to watch for those moments of illumination. God may be showing me a rainbow!

Have you considered the light particles God has filtered into your dark shadows? Scriptures, cards and letters, visits, wise counsel, quiet moments, meaningful music, a clarifying comment? 2 Samuel 22:29 declares, “But you are my lamp, O LORD, and my God lightens my darkness.” Does He remove it completely? Not in my case, but there have been moments.

At my exit interview from hospitals and clinic appointments, age 21, the doctor leveled with me. Since I had been exposed to over 100 full-body x-rays as a teenager, chances were I’d never conceive. My desire to have children had convinced me to have my spinal curvature corrected at age 14.

The man I was falling in love with deserved to know. Gathering my courage, I said. “If you marry me, we may never have children .” God’s shaft of light came in Dave’s

immediate response. “Do you think I’d marry you just for that?” Almost 50 years of marriage and 2 grown sons later, I still cherish his response, God’s shaft of light.

In my years of dealing with pain, I continue to learn and embrace Paul’s words. “For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known. I Cor. 12:12.

Sabine Melchior-Bonnet writes about the history of the mirror, going clear back to times when people looked at their reflection in pools of water, used volcanic rock (obsidian), or polished copper and tin, even precious gems, to capture their image. Such surfaces, at best, gave scratchy, warped, blurry images. I did find it interesting that the Greeks tied philosophy to mirrors. “The mirror, a tool by which to ‘know thyself,’ invited man to not mistake himself for God, to avoid pride by knowing his limits, and to improve himself.”

So even with today’s mirrors, we don’t see as we are seen by our Maker. Are we watching for His shafts of light on the sufferings and griefs we experience? I’m convinced He pierces our darkness.

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