Joy and Peace in Believing

Beautiful as a view may be, pain or grief dull the clarity of the image. That battleship grey cloud looms, and haziness shrouds the beauty that lies in front of us. Just as humans cannot move the weather along, we also cannot force our dark clouds of the soul. As the Creator ultimately controls the weather, He also has set an individual timetable, something more personal than a doctor’s prescription or Kubler-Ross’ stages of grief. From my neighbor’s porch, I look beyond her garden and see one of my granddaughters reading to her sister. The photo captures light and shadow. A moment later, the girls relocate, Halley, the old brown lab, rests to listen – in a field now flooded with light.

The two scenes remind me of something my years of dealing with pain have taught me. In the times of thunderhead clouds, downpours, constant aching or stabbing pain, God will shift the sun as He chooses. But He is purposeful, never vengeful, in the challenges he sends.

The snapshot of our current difficulty may involve testing, growth, or waiting on the Spirit. Looking at someone’s method may help, and I recommend to those dealing with loss, but there are roads or journeys uniquely appointed for us. I have found joy and peace in believing that my good, good Father has His hand on me and will lead me home.

One thought on “Joy and Peace in Believing

  1. Such precious reminders for me…and so many I love who are hurting right now. Thank you Lord that you will never leave or forsake your children.


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